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The skin is the largest organ of the human body, whose importance lies in its functioning as a protector of our flesh from the damages of the surrounding environment. Daily, our skin is exposed to a countless amount of diseases, infections, and health risks. The chemicals, which are added into cosmetic products and soaps, are one of the several reasons for the development of skin diseases, such as allergies and dermatitis, redness, itching, swelling and peeling of the infected area.

For many years, I have had the chance to meet a significant amount of patients, who are suffering from various skin conditions, especially Atopic Dermatitis. This disease involves those who suffer from it to an ongoing state of distress, while they are trying to ease its symptoms and prevent it from breaking out again. The signs and symptoms include an intense itching, a red rash and dryness on large areas of the skin, and a deterioration in one’s lifestyle, which can become extremely unbearable. The morbidity rate for the disease is particularly higher in infants and children, but can appear also within the adult population. In quite a lot of cases, the risk of developing skin diseases caused by allergic factors can be dramatically diminished by using essential and natural soaps, for body and hair.

Happy Dermis™ soap series is the fruit of an extended effort, whose purpose is to find the best formula that will help your and your children’s skin. The distress of my patients, especially of the children who were suffering from such problems and the helplessness both them and their parents shared, brought me to come up with an idea.

I found that when one completely stops using soap and shampoo for a period of one to three months, the skin problem disappears, and in most cases, no rash or allergy symptoms return. The patients came back satisfied, yet still they asked for a solution. I was conducting my research for more than four years, and it resulted in a development of a series of soaps, which do not cause any problems and are suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Happy Dermis™ soaps are not a medicine, but thanks to the unique concoction from which they are made, and the making process itself, they have the ability to dramatically improve the lifestyle of those who suffer from skin conditions. Patients, who use these soaps as a substitute for others, are telling about the improvement they have felt in their health and in the liveliness of their skin, the disappearance of recurring symptoms and diseases, and the stop the soaps have put to their dependence on pills and steroidal ointments.

Happy Dermis™ soaps are not based on any animal components, and do not include preservatives or chemicals. Most of the soaps are made of 100% natural components, and are suitable for adults, adolescents, babies, and the elderly. The soaps were not tested on animals.

Happy Dermis Soap: for patients from the age of 3 and older, who are suffering from allergies and eczema. Approved by the Ministry of Health after being thoroughly and strictly tested in special laboratories, and in the Standards Institution of Israel. Can be used as body soap and shampoo.

Happy Dermis Mud Soap (mud from the Dead Sea): for a face with oily skin and acne tendency. Approved by the Ministry of Health.

Happy Dermis Baby Soap: for patients under the age of 3, who are suffering from allergies and eczema dermatitis. The product has successfully passed a number of strict safety examinations, in special baby-health laboratories (Safety Assessments). Can be used as body soap and shampoo.

I invite you to try Happy Dermis™ soap series, and to find out yourselves the great advantages it holds.


Dr. Eyal Vussuki

Dr. Eyal Vussuki, a senior specialist in Dermatology and Venereology, has spent years doing research in order to find the best formulas that can give his patients a solution and a cure for their sensitive and problematic skin. The company MY SKIN SOLUTIONS LTD that he owns, sells Happy Dermis™ products worldwide.

Dozens of patients around the world send their gratitude to Dr. Eyal Vussuki, for curing their skin, improving their lifestyle and self-confidence, and restoring the smile on their faces.

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